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Second edition
lexinario javier enriquez serralde diccionario inefable de lo neologismo neologismos palabras inventadas

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lexinary. 1. m. Book that lists and defines, in alphabetical order, the unnameable voices and words of a language. 2. Reference book of any art, science or subject that lists and defines in alphabetical order the common words of said specialty in the past, present and future.


Examples of meanings of sensations or of a psychological nature


blota. 1. f. Intangible waste set. 2. Psicol. Set of frustrations, traumas, phobias and resentments that occupy a large part of a person's mental process.

schizophilia. F. Disconcerting propensity not to know what to want.

emostagno. 1 . m. Psicol. Person with low result in an emotional coefficient test. 2. f. Psicol. Emotional cretin. He is generally a highly intelligent, married man who uses introversion to get away from reality.

gnophobia. 1. f. Aversion to admitting something that is known and known to be true. 2. Psicol . Defensive mechanism by which the recognition at the superego level of what the ego or id knows, feels or wants is inhibited.

orgilation. 1. f. Pleasure for the absence of pain. 2. Sudden sensation of comfortable pleasure experienced by someone who suffered intense pain when serendipitously finding a position that does not cause pain. 3. Sensation of intense, but not sensual, pleasure that occurs without receiving an external or internal stimulus.

merchandise. F. A slight feeling of helplessness when finding, in a trade and at a low price, an object that was searched in several places for its cost and was bought at a high price.

Segunda edición
javier enriquez serralde las trinas cuadras novela simarela neologismo neobardismo

Las Trinas Cuadras es un relato autobiográfico escrito por Simarella Firaldini. Simarella murió el 29 de noviembre de 2069 sin publicarlo. Mi amiga Giglianizia, profesora de arqueología especializada en paleocibernética, rescató el texto íntegro y me pidió que lo limpiara y publicara. No acepté. La faena me distraería de mis compromisos académicos y literarios. Giglianizia me dio un impreso y me insistió durante varias semanas...


Tomé el impreso y hojeé renuentemente las cuartillas. Leí secciones al azar, con flojera, sin curiosidad, reacio a trabajar en él. Reexaminé frases, después párrafos y luego páginas enteras. Poco a poco me detuve más en cada página...


Me intrigué. Comencé a leerlo desde el principio. Al llegar a la segunda parte del relato, los arqueoecos me abrieron los ojos. Escrito hace casi ochocientos años, cuando había más de siete mil millones de personas en el mundo, el texto revela el origen de las condiciones que nos afectan ahora. Giglianizia no me lo había advertido.

Empecé mi tarea editorial y creativa con aprensión. Sin embargo... fue poco lo que hice. Cambié la voz de primera a tercera persona para darle seriedad objetiva... Agregué algunas metáforas y descripciones para avivar la narración. Por lo demás, dejé el texto como estaba. Luego entonces, me considero coautor y no autor...

El coautor

Castilla, Europa, 2836

las segundas trinas javier enriquez serralde novela neologismo literatura neobardismo lexinario

The narrative style of the author of Las Cousins Second invites us, once again, to a journey through the world of invented words, a reflection where the reader can find old new words to assign them the meaning that the same reading suggests or, ¿ why not ?, a different one.

Like The Second Cousins, The Second Trines is a novel composed of stories interwoven with a very fine yarn. True to his unique style, Javier Enríquez Serralde takes us in these Las Segunda Trinas on a journey through the surreal world of his creation.

Reading is a challenge, even a delusion, but with a background that fuses introspection on a journey through times that have not existed, that have passed.

Second edition
las primas segundas javier enriquez serralde neologismo neobardismo literaturadiccionario de lo inefable ineffable Javier Enriquez Serralde lexinario autor escritor novelista medico cientifico blota blova plebonia pleoniria neobardismo euminidazo predubilacion onyo eab las primas segundas trinas cuadras como se te ocurrio quinos novela novedad

Las Primas Segundo is the first purely neologistic experiment in Spanish-American literature. Its main attraction consists in its self-confidence against literary conventions and its lucid, determined defiance against the paralysis of language that, as Julio Cortázar would have said, tends to turn a large part of written production into a graveyard of words. Here the words scream, they rebel, they invent unknown routes for thought and imagination, they construct their right to say what has not been said until now. With this corrected and improved second edition, Las Primas Segundo ratify their commitment to the creativity of language, and as from their first appearance (1997), they invite the reader to immerse themselves in a world of variations, continuities and continuous surprises: the world of literary creation.


Coming soon ... Los Cuadros Quinos

Javier Enríquez Serralde provides the anticipated

prequel to Las Trinas Cuadras

Los Cuadros Quinos Chauvet cover.jpg

The plot of Los Cuadros Quinos begins in 2003, when waking from a deep sleep the protagonist discovers that is in a remote place, in an unknown time and in a different body.


From Italy to the United States and Mexico, in a virtual odyssey, the character tries to recapture the past, to reconnect with loved ones, with friends and with himself. But everything and everyone is changed. The reader vividly enters, intermingling, in the bourgeois life of Mexico that goes from the seventies to the end of the twentieth century.

After 40 hours, the character is suddenly in a limbo. Words and images get disrupted and a dialogue begins with an entity 1,300 years in the future. The origin of his change and the humanity is slowly revealed in an inconceivable communication.


Los Cuadros Quinos is a novel that inserts us into a foreign body, that makes us laugh and reflect, that transports us to a world where the barricades of dimensions and the limits of time are cracked; a world in which the barriers of the "human being" are permanently lost.

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