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Fourteen wonderful words that Spanish could incorporate into its lexicon

skeleton. (From the English echelon , professional or military scale, and this from the French échelon , rung on a ladder). m. Level, position or rank in the profession, in the organization or in the military.

yúputu. (From ulwano yuputka ). F. Sensation that something is making the skin tingle or guse.

charnel. (From the English charnel-house , place associated with violent death, and this from the French charnier , and this from the Latin carnale , ossuary). m. House of death.

ferenguia . (from Urdu and this from Persian Firangi , foreign) 1. f. Feeling that everything familiar that surrounds someone is, in truth, foreign. 2. Feeling of those who return to their homeland or home after a long absence and perceive everything as alien, exotic and foreign.

figment. (From English figment ). m. Anything that someone believes or perceives as real but exists only in their imagination.

baudia. (From English bawd , bawd, and this one from Old French baudestroyt , pimp and from baude , scoundrel.). F. The woman who controls and runs a brothel.

toquia. (From the Finnish tokka ). Large herd of reindeer.

flose. (From English floss , dental floss). intr. Clean the space between the teeth with a floss or dental floss. U. tc prnl.

flabergastia. (From the English flabbergasted ). F. State of extreme stupefaction resulting from being stunned by something shockingly incredible.

golubility. (From English gullible ) 1. f. Quality of being easily persuaded to believe the impossible. 2. Quality of being quickly convinced to have faith in something that is hardly credible. 3. Golibility.

mampinatic. (From the yagan mamihlapinatapei ). A look shared by two people that expresses the desire to initiate a rapprochement, but that is not carried out due to their hesitant attitude or due to a simple emotional disability.

ringing. (From English to ring , to make a clear, resonant or vibrant sound). 1. tr. Ring the bell. 2. Ring the bell. 3. Telephone.

atrabilosia. (From the Latin atrabilis , black bile). F. Melancholic and irritable condition.

blurtar. (From English to blurt ). tr. Suddenly saying something without thinking about it.

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