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Thirteen beautiful words from other languages that Spanish lacks

arousal. (From the French, l'esprit de l'escalier , thinking too late of an answer). 1. f. Feeling angry with oneself for not having reacted at the appropriate moment. 2. Disconcerting combination of disapproval, anger with oneself and regret for not having answered, reacted or done something at the time of being humiliated, insulted or abused. 3. Feeling that frequently affects the treverter.

treverter. (From Yiddish trepverter ). 1. m. Clever response a person comes up with too late. 2. One who takes time to think of an appropriate or witty response, and only does so after the conversation is over. 3. The one who has an inspired but delayed arousal.

gliar. (From English to glide ). intr. Gliding or gliding effortlessly, with smooth, quiet and continuous motion, in the air or on a smooth surface.

retort. (From English to retort , to retort scathingly, and this from Latin to retort , to twist). 1. tr. Say something or respond to a comment in a vitriolic or sarcastic way with a pointed tone. 2. Respond with aggressiveness or treachery.

folaquet. (From the Norwegian forelsket ). 1. m. Captivating and euphoric sensation at the beginning of the infatuation that overshadows all thoughts, feelings or activities. 2. Overwhelming feeling of euphoria and possession, which consists of not wanting to be separated from the loved one in the initial stage of falling in love.

liasion. (From the French liaison , link). 1. f. Sexual relationship, especially the secret and illicit one. 2. Communication or cooperation that facilitates an efficient working relationship between people and organizations.

adamant. (From the English adamant , and this from the Latin adamanteus , from adamas, -antis, indomitable). 1. adj. Said of a person: That is not persuaded. 2. Who insists on maintaining his opinion or position without changing his mind. 3. That you can't control it.

coalesce. (From the English to coalesce , to merge, and this from the Latin to coalescere , to grow together). tr. Join or fuse something.

aranid. (From the Hungarian aranyhíd ). 1. m. Bright reflection of the sun in the sea. 2. Bright and blinding reflection of the sun on the surface of the water.

gumused. (From the Turkish gumusservi ). 1. m. Reflection of the moon in the water. 2. Reflection of a celestial body on the surface of the water. 3. Lunar aranid.

contemplation. (From the English contempt ). 1. f. Feeling that a person, animal or thing is not worthy of consideration. 2. Feeling of a person for an animal or for something that he deems worthless. 3. Attempt to snub something that is considered despicable.

snápsid. (From the German schnapsidee , alcoholic idea). 1. f. Idea that initially seems great, but later, when rethinking it, turns out to be obviously stupid. 2. Great idea that comes from being drunk or drugged and later turns out to be bland.

rank. (From English to rank , to classify). 1. tr. Be. Sort from highest to lowest to facilitate evaluations. 2. Jerardiar.

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