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Nine fascinating foreign words without direct translation into Spanish

lithosity . (From the Czech litost ). F. Feeling of humiliation, inadequacy or inadequacy that arises when listening to someone talk about their own successes.

hold on. (From the Japanese mono no-aware ). 1. m. Ambivalent feeling of sadness and joy when perceiving, momentarily, a transcendental beauty. 2. Bittersweet feeling, after the perception of an ephemeral beauty.

yayus. (From the Indonesian jayus ). m. Inevitable laugh or laugh that occurs after hearing a joke or joke that is not funny.

insuarpar. (From the Inuit iktsuarpok ). 1. intr. Leaving your own home early to make sure someone has arrived or is about to arrive. 2. Repeatedly leaning out of a window or door to see if someone is coming.

ameliorate. (From the French améliorer , improve). 1. intr. Recover from the feeling of something annoying, painful, or unsatisfying. 2. tr. Improve something that is bad or unsatisfactory.

zagasa. (From the Farsi zhaghzhagh ). F. Chattering of teeth caused by cold or anger.

nunchi . (From Korean nunchi ). 1. m. Ability to know the emotional state of other people. 2. Person who sees beyond verbal and non-verbal communication signals to truly know someone.

moxity. (From the English moxie , push). F. Determination capacity of women.

llocomés. (From the Japanese yoko meshi , food that is eaten from both sides). m. Restlessness when speaking in a foreign language.

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