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Twelve provocative words from other languages that cannot be translated directly into Spanish

much montic, ca. (From the English t antamount , and this from the Italian tanto montare ). adj. Which amounts, seriously, to something.

caffeine. (From the Portuguese cafuné ). 1. tr. Running your fingers gently and deeply through someone's hair. 2. Stroking someone's hair.

inuendo. (From English innuendo , innuendo). m. Set of gestures and almost imperceptible tone of voice with which a subliminal insinuation is transmitted.

cumerespian. (From the German kummerspeck ). 1. m. Overweight acquired by eating too much due to stress or grief. 2. Overweight accumulated by compulsive eating. 3. Fat person who continues to eat without feeling hungry. 4. Gluttony for stress.

inchalantism. (From the French nonchaloir ). m. 1. Casual indifference to the opinion of others. 2. Carelessness affected by what others think of you.

he respite. (From the English respite ). m. Brief period of rest or relief from something difficult, unpleasant, or annoying.

sadenfreda. (From the German schadenfreude ). F. Feeling of joy or pleasure when learning about the misfortunes, regrets, sufferings or failures of someone.

Conundrado, da. (From the English conondrum , riddle or enigma). 1. adj. Said of a riddle impossible to solve for the common man. 2. It is said of the gain of time of a bureaucrat. 3. It is said of the paradox to be solved by a scientist.

glasquen. (From the Welsh glas wen , blue smile). 1. m. Sarcastic or mocking smile made as a symbol of contempt or disapproval. 2. Fake smile.

kaput. (From the English kaput , and this one from the German kaputt , spoiled). 1. adj. Said of something that is broken and unusable. 2. Said of something that no longer works, works or is effective.

torsilospanic. (From the German torschlusspanik ). 1. m. Feeling of despair when seeing that something desired is disappearing, is being taken from the hands or is definitely lost. 2. Feeling of frustration or grief when something one has, wants or loves is leaving.

contraption. (From the English contraption ). 1. m. Apparatus, instrument or machine of strange appearance, unnecessarily complicated and of doubtful utility. 2. Contrapto.

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