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Eleven beautiful foreign language words that don't exist in Spanish

sausadia. (From the Portuguese saudade ). F. Ambivalent feeling of happiness and sadness simultaneously evoking something that will not return.

caello, lla. (From the Danish kaelling ). 1. adj. Said of the one who insults children with obscenities. 2. m. and f. The father or mother who insults their children persistently.

pervasive. (From English pervasive ). 1. m. Penetrating influence or unwelcome physical effect that spreads over an area. 2. Persistent influence or unpleasant dominance that spreads over a group of people.

vibonuto, ta. (From the Czech vybafnout ). 1. adj. It is said of the silly and persistently annoying person. 2. m. and f. Brother or sister who is constantly nagging.

besmirchar. (From English to besmirch ). 1. tr. Damaging someone's reputation. 2. Discoloration or dirtying of something.

mussh. 1. f. Tune or portion of melody that is repeated insistently in the mind. 2. Portion of a hated piece of music that, repeatedly, is reproduced with total fidelity in the mind and it is not possible to stop evoking it. 3. Orguormo (from the German ohrwurm ). 4. Helmoto. 5. Musiquerra.

uzún. (From Turkish hüzün ). m. Feeling of despair or despair that occurs when one realizes that the setbacks that are happening are going to increase and get worse.

enduria. (From English to endure ). F. Ability to endure or tolerate something unpleasant with grace or stoicism.

Chinese ass. (From the Italian culaccino ). m. A wet mark left by a glass or mug on a tabletop when removed.

sketch. (From the Japanese boketto ). m. Seeing into the distance without looking and without thinking.

fencing. (From Gaelic sgriob , whiskey itch). m. Facial tingling in anticipation of a pleasant experience.

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