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Ten inspiring foreign words with no equivalent in Spanish

mencoleco. (From the Indonesian mencolek ). m. Mindless deception.

dewilded, da. (From the French dépaysement ). 1. adj. Said of a person: That he has been uncomfortable in another country and misses everything related to his place of origin or residence. 2. colloq. It is said of the one who cannot be found. 3. Said of a person: That he feels disoriented. 4. Mex . Said of a person: who suffers from the Jamaicón Syndrome.

pochemuca, co. (From the Russian pochemuchka ). adj. Said of the person who asks many questions.

silimazo, za. (From Yiddish shlimazl ). 1. adj. It is said of the person who is constantly the victim of unfavorable circumstances. 2. m. and f. Person who is frequently unlucky.

exhausting, ca. (From the Japanese age-otori ) 1. adj. Said of the person who looks worse after a haircut. 2. Said of the one who feels disappointed and depressed after a beautification session.

lufmensio, sia. (From Yiddish luftmensch , contemplative and impractical person). 1. adj. It is said that he has a strong ambition for something, but has no idea how to achieve it. 2. m. and f. Dreamer without common sense. 3. Entrepreneur who does not know how to start or carry out an idea.

moquid. (From kivila mokita ). 1. m. It is true that everyone knows but that nobody states. 2. Etymicide.

panapar. (From Hawaiian pana po'o ). 1. tr. Scratching your head to remember where the lost item was left. 2. Promote the memory of the forgotten by scratching the scalp.

dismal. (From English dismal ). 1. adj. Said of a person: That is unhappy and dark. 2. Said of a place: Depressing and gloomy. 3. Dismal. 4. m. Two days of each month that are considered unlucky.

tartle. (From Scottish tartle ). m Hesitation and discomfort when greeting someone without remembering their name.

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